Your City Government

The City of Star is governed by a five member Council. The Mayor and Council are elected to serve four year terms, which do not run concurrently. The Mayor is the chief administrative official of the City and Council members are the legislative body of government for the City of Star. All are charged with exercising powers, prerogatives and authority as conferred by the laws of the state of Idaho.

Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the Council meeting room, Star City Hall, 10769 W. State Street, Star, Idaho. The meetings begin at 7:00 pm. Council meetings are at times cancelled or moved to different dates. When this occurs or a special meeting is scheduled, notification may be found in announcements posted on the City's web calendar or posted at City Hall.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the Treasure Valley in providing unmatched customer service, coordination of municipal and emergency services, and recreational and cultural opportunities; responsible fiscal management and forward thinking land use planning while promoting economic development, educational opportunities, and responsible management of our natural and historic resources in order to cultivate a quality of life full of opportunity.


  • Procured a grant for play equipment at Blake Haven Park
  • Procured a grant for trees/shrubs/picnic tables/BBQ pits for Blake Haven Park
  • Built a new City Hall with cash
  • Completed a Comprehensive Plan Review
  • Purchased swings and a pavilion for Blake Haven Park
  • Established working Committees (Parks & Recreation/Transportation/Economic Development /School/ Museum)
  • Ordinances codified

Future Projects

  • New Unified Code
  • Development of a master plan for parks and pathways
  • Development of a master plan for the Central Business District

Past City Officials


  • Joseph E. Watson 12-12-1997 to 01-04-2000
  • Gussie O'Connor 01-04-2000 to 12-17-2001
  • Gail R. Glasgow 01-07-2002 to 01-06-2004
  • Nathan Mitchell 01-06-2004 to Present

City Council

  • Gussie O'Connor 12-12-1997 to 01-04-2000
  • Marq Ross 12-12-1997 to 05-20-1999
  • Myron Amsden 12-12-1997 to 01-04-2000
  • John Embury 12-12-1997 to 06-01-1999
  • John A. Kirtley 12-12-1997 to 01-04-2000
  • Mike Winkle 12-12-1997 to 01-04-2000
  • Ralph Pearson 07-27-1999 to 01-04-2000
  • John J. Dias 07-06-1999 to 01-07-2002
  • Gail R. Glasgow 01-04-2000 to 01-07-2002
  • Dennis K. Stegenga 01-04-2000 to 01-06-2004
  • Timothy R. Benedict 01-04-2000 to 03-31-2002
  • Connie V. Spence 01-07-2002 to 05-20-2003
  • Nathan Mitchell 01-07-2002 to 01-06-2004
  • Charlten L. Bell 06-04-2002 to Present
  • Robert L. Gordon 07-01-2003 to 01-06-2004
  • Dustin Christopherson 01-06-2004 to 01-03-2006
  • Tom Erlebach 01-06-2004 to Present
  • Tammy McDaniel 03-16-2004 to Present
  • Gary Smith 01-03-2006 to Present

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